Our Mission

MindLeaps creates educational paths for the most vulnerable children in the world through a creative arts program that is built on data-driven metrics.

New School Year in Rwanda

The new school year begins this week in Rwanda. 168 MindLeaps Rwanda students are returning to various primary, secondary, and vocational training schools across the country.

Who We Are

MindLeaps is a not-for-profit organization staffed by dance instructors, educators, social workers, counselors and administrators, all dedicated to building a bridge to education and positive livelihoods through dance.

What We Do

We engage kids in fun dance classes that are part of a carefully crafted curriculum to develop the key cognitive and social-emotional skills vital to success in school and work.

Why We Do It

We believe that changing mindsets and opening the door to education and employment can change the future for youths who might otherwise be abandoned to hopelessness or radicalization.

How We Know It Works

We monitor and evaluate progress with Tracker, our software program specifically designed to collect data and measure development of critical learning skills.

Misty Copeland and MindLeaps International Artists’ Fund

In 2018, ballet superstar Misty Copeland returned to Rwanda to help vulnerable girls and refugee children. She shared her story and continues to provide a voice for these youth through MindLeaps’ International Artists Fund.

“Building Our Bodies & Our Minds” in Mauritania

MindLeaps, in partnership with SOS Pairs Educateurs, enrolls 120 at-risk girls in MindLeaps dance program to improve mental health. They will receive essential meals and be supported to return to school. Thank you to Together Women Rise for making this possible. In 2021, MindLeaps expanded its work to further youth in Mauritania through the support of the U.S. Embassy in Mauritania.