MindLeaps’ involvement in Kenya is an example of the partnership model at work.

In 2018, MindLeaps launched a program in Amagoro, Kenya working with local NGO Kiwimbi, an organization that creates Community Learning Centers to support education. MindLeaps provided dance classes to six groups of students (totaling 150 youth) for three months. The fieldwork also included an intensive Train the Trainer series to prepare and position local teachers and excelling youth to continue the program.

In 2019, MindLeaps launched a program in Kisumu, Kenya, for children with special learning needs. The program marked the launch of a new inclusive curriculum. The new curriculum allows MindLeaps to work with a larger range of children with greater and more diverse learning needs. The program in Kenya was created in partnership with Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programmes, which works with the local communities of Kisumu to improve the standard of living by integrating cultural, economic, environmental, health, and educational values. It is funded by Chance for Childhood, a charity working in Africa to support the most vulnerable children, such as street children, disabled children, and children affected by conflict. MindLeaps program in Kisumu served 235 children last year.


Eva is one of the students who attended MindLeaps’ program with Kiwimbi in Kenya. From her very first class, MindLeaps trainers could tell how talented Eva was and could observe that she clearly knew many of the answers to their questions. However, whenever called on, her lack of self-esteem made it difficult for her to speak with others watching. This low self-esteem had a direct impact on her development as she stopped any tasks she was undertaking upon the smallest glance from others. Thanks to the MindLeaps’ methodology implemented by her trainers, Eva’s self-confidence has grown. Pictured is Eva with two of her trainers. This photo was taken the first time she was able to hold a full conversation with them. We are so proud of Eva’s progress and newfound confidence!