MindLeaps launched its first program in North Macedonia in March 2020. In partnership with the US Embassy and Youth Community Center Cair (YCCC), MindLeaps is establishing a program in Skopje, the capital. The program will serve 450 youth between the ages of 14 – 18 years in three program tracks: dance to develop life skills, communications, and business entrepreneurship. In addition, seven local North Macedonian youth are being trained to become MindLeaps dance teachers.

In early March, Train The Trainer launched, providing MindLeaps dance curricula and Tracker training to local dance instructors, as well as study in the business curricula to additional local students. Several of these trainees will become permanent MindLeaps instructors for the ongoing program in North Macedonia.

“When it was time to start, I felt scared and shy. But, the way the teachers act makes you feel really comfortable and I wanted to try new things. By the end of the class, I couldn’t wait to come back again. I hope I will make new friends too while dancing here.”

-Sara, MindLeaps Student

In mid-March, the impact of COVID-19 forced shutdowns across North Macedonia. The Train The Trainer was moved from in-person to online, but the spirit of wanting to help the most vulnerable youth remained unchanged. Watch this video to learn more about the restructured training.


Many thanks to our partners YCCC and the US Embassy in Skopje for making this program possible.