MindLeaps operates in Rwanda, Guinea, Mauritania, Uganda, North Macedonia, and the USA, attracting at-risk children and youth to a dance program specifically designed to improve 7 skills crucial for academic success and positive life-decision making. The MindLeaps Dance & Data program is built on data-driven metrics. Each child’s improvements in the 7 key skills are recorded and analyzed through Tracker, MindLeaps’ own data-analytics system. After Certified MindLeaps Trainers input observations about a child’s execution of specific dance moves, Tracker visually graphs progress in cognitive development and social-emotional learning. Through dance, in this safe, structured and welcoming environment, young people gain the cognitive and social-emotional skills needed for self-reliance and success in life.

The MindLeaps Dance & Data program is also an entry point to academic acceleration courses, IT training, and English and French language classes, all of which can lead to sponsorship for formal schooling or vocational training. Offering a path to academic success is another way in which MindLeaps prepares vulnerable youth to reintegrate into society and become self-sufficient.

MindLeaps’ holistic approach also considers the larger needs of its youth, their families and their communities. MindLeaps’ initiatives extend to sanitation and meal programs, counseling support, sexual and reproductive health workshops, and family strengthening programs. The MindLeaps Virtual Academy offers the further opportunity for youth to develop interpersonal, business and career skills online.

MindLeaps programs are continuously evolving to meet the needs of its youth, guiding them to achieve independence and enabling them to break the cycle of poverty.

Learn more about our programs at our centers, our partnerships, and the Virtual Academy.