Josiane Before Class

19-year-old Josiane is among the 100 young people participating in Masoro Leaping, a project being implemented in Rwanda through Kate Spade’s On Purpose Fund. Josiane lives with her parents and two siblings. She had struggled with discipline issues, and was expelled from school in 2018.

Josiane says that since joining the MindLeaps program, her self-esteem and grit have improved so much. She is one of the top students, regularly attending classes, and has decided to go back to school next year. During a home visit, Josiane’s mother mentioned that she had started to get worried about her daughter’s future, and she appreciates MindLeaps’ support in helping Josiane shape her future. “Josiane now spends the whole day helping out at home, cleaning and washing dishes before she goes to the MindLeaps program in the evening,” her mother told us.

We are very grateful to the Kate Spade On Purpose Fund, which has allowed us to witness stories of transformation like Josiane’s in the Masoro community.