Taking advantage of its core competencies, MindLeaps partners with NGOs and international organizations to put vulnerable youth on a path to self-sufficiency with the readiness and confidence they need to succeed.

The MindLeaps Centers in Rwanda and Guinea serve as hubs for expansion in East and West Africa. Building on its year-round operations in these countries, MindLeaps has developed a cost-sharing partnership model offering organizations the opportunity to adopt the fundamental components of the MindLeaps program for their internal operations. The program can be implemented in any country or community where dance is a part of the culture and youth suffer from a lack of hope, motivation and confidence.

The program is delivered through the MindLeaps Toolkit Suite, which equips partnering organizations to continue the program with their own locally-trained teachers after an initial three-month period of collaboration with MindLeaps staff in the field.

The Toolkit Suite is made up of:
•Standardized dance curriculum: Five-modules designed to improve seven cognitive and social-emotional skills: memorization, grit, teamwork, discipline, self-esteem, creativity and language.
•Monitoring and evaluation: Data-driven application capturing change in skill development through Tracker, MindLeaps’ software analytics system to assure continuing quality.
•Train the Trainer: MindLeaps’ African and international instructors provide in-person, in-field training for the host organization’s staff, youth leaders/trainers and administrators.
•Onboarding: On-site staff provides direct training and support for the utilization of Tracker.
•Technical assistance: MindLeaps continues to oversee incoming data on youth development, providing guidance and feedback to ensure sustainability of the program. Follow up site visits are also organized to provide additional training and support as needed.