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Donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Use the secure system below to make a credit card payment to MindLeaps.
You will receive an instant confirmation email for your records.


Donations are also accepted by:


+1 646 902 1295


Send a check payable to « MindLeaps » to:

116 West 23rd Street
Suite 500
New York, NY 10011

Donor Advised Fund

Make a donation through your Donor Advised Fund to MindLeaps at
EIN 20-2041093

Stock Gifts

You can donate a gift of stock using the following information:

Fidelity routing number: 101205681
Account number: Z70008648
Fidelity DTC: 0226

In Kind Donations

MindLeaps needs a variety of items to run its IT and Virtual Academy courses:

  • Smartphones
  • PC Laptops
  • Android Tablets
  • Bluetooth portable audio speakers
  • Large rolling luggage

Please contact if you are able to donate working items of the above. We can provide you with a tax receipt for the value of your donation.