20160319_121303 (1)MindLeaps program in Guinea is focused on the reintegration and assistance for street children through its dance program, the teaching of English classes and the provision of meals.

When we started this program, there were just about four to six kids who used to dance on the streets and wanted us to teach them something. They were the very first youth to access this program and help us structure it for the future. Youth were attracted to the program because of the free dance classes, but they also asked for English lessons. Their ambitions grew and we saw the need to provide essential nutritional support through a meal program too. These youth dream of becoming professional dancers and traveling the world (using their English skills). Their dreams motivate them to change their lives.20160319_121245

For me, as Country Director, I have no doubt that MindLeaps gives these children hope for their future. I’m afraid to tell them that this is currently scheduled to be a six month program because I know these children want to be here for a long time. I wish with all my heart that we will see these children stay with us, and our program last forever in the City of Kindia.

Today, our program has 30 youth who come to the Fitini Guinee Centre twice per week for dance classes and twice per week for English classes. The meal is served four times a week : rice with sauce. The program is completely run by a local team that is serious about the execution and quality of it. We rely heavily on our English Teacher, Children’s Coordinator and Cook to make sure each child is progressing at the Centre. It is through all these things that 30 children now have a chance to succeed in life.

As for me, I am proud to bring this valuable assistance to the children of my country through MindLeaps.

Ansoumane Conde is the Country Director of MindLeaps Guinea.