The government of Guinea is one of our partners in the distribution of shoes donated by Ruben’s Shoes from Canada.  These shoes are destined for all the children of Guinea, and recently, we organized a series of activities to distribute the shoes throughout the interior of the country.

After the direct involvement of Madame Sanaba Kaba, the Minister of Social Action, for this distribution, it was decided to make an official tour of the town of Dabola, which is about 450km from the capital, Conakry.  This tour was made under the official slogan, “One Pair of Shoes for Each Child”.

The children were happy to receive these shoes.  In fact, it is not only children who were beneficiaries of these gifts.  Shoes were distributed to adults as well.  The shoes were given under the guidance of the Minister of Social Action and the mayor of the local government. 

MindLeaps was thrilled with the success of this distribution and operation across the country.  Speaking for myself, as Country Director, my only wish is to give this joy to all children in my country next year too!

We thank Ruben’s Shoes for this generous initiative that is helping all of the children of Guinea.


Ansoumane Conde is the Country Director of MindLeaps Guinea.