Rene is a MindLeaps graduate who just finished vocational training school in Tailoring.

I have been so impressed by the fact that his skills are improving day after day since he graduated. The creativity he developed from our dance program combined with the skills he learned from technical school are helping him grow professionally.  He is making improved products to generate income and attract more clients to his own sewing business. Last month we were so amazed by the way he crafted fabric gifts to thank MindLeaps’ outstanding volunteers.

Besides that, he has made uniforms for all the primary school students supported by MindLeaps and the handbags that MindLeaps teachers are using to transport the sound system when they are going to teach dance at our local partners’ facilities (Les Enfants de Dieu and White Dove Girls School).

School uniform shirts made by Rene.

When I was walking around in the backyard of the MindLeaps Center, I found Rene in the small tailoring workshop watching Youtube videos on MindLeaps’ iPod. Out of curiosity, I asked him what he was watching.  With a smile, he responded, “I am learning a new design for women’s handbags”.

While some young people argue that getting skills cost a lot of money, that’s not true for Rene. He is taking the opportunity of having internet access to improve his technical skills, which is his best hope to strive and become self-sufficient.  He is staying on top of his passion for a bright future.

Thanks to Axioms Networks Rwanda Ltd, former street children and vulnerable youth at MindLeaps continue to get additional skills through the internet, which helps them leap forward in their lives.

Eugene Dushime is the Country Director for MindLeaps Rwanda.