Salifou teaching new students in the MindLeaps’ dance program

There are some children who do not know what to say when you ask them if they have hope for their future.  They have no response when you ask them, “What do you want to become one day?”  They tell you, “I don’t know…Nothing.”  Often, I don’t even know if they fully understand such questions.

For these children, here at MindLeaps, our program represents “hope”.  It is why we fight every day to make children smile and give them the opportunity to believe – just a little – that hope and the possibility to “become something” in the future is a reality.

This month, we have volunteers from Guinea and from Canada.  They are providing further motivation and encouragement to these children.  They are helping them to learn English and dance at every possible moment.

We have planned a full program for the new 22 street children that entered our center this month: English, dance and nutritional support.  This official center has just opened in Nongo Conteyah in the capital city of Conakry.  Some of our teachers from Kindia have re-located to Conakry temporarily to help us train our new staff.

In this centre, we are also demonstrating the MindLeaps’ dance curriculum that is a specific methodology to develop seven skills: memorization, grit, teamwork, discipline, self-esteem, creativity and language comprehension.  As these skills improve, MindLeaps facilitates the reintegration of street children into the community and supports their education at academic or vocational training schools.

We hope that, in the months to come, we will augment this program with a comprehensive IT program with the support of partners and local foundations.  This is our next step to advance the lives of Conakry’s street children.

Ansoumane Conde is the Country Director of MindLeaps Guinea.