For two of our kids in Guinea, October marked the return to school life.  Aissatou Tounkara and Kerfala Sanoh were welcomed by a wonderful team of teachers at Hamdallaye Secondary School.

These children were very happy to resume the path of education.  It also represented the highest achievement of our MindLeaps team here: entering vulnerable children into formal education.

Aissatou and Kerfala are following academic studies, but technical training, or “vocational education”, is equally important in Guinea.  This allows older youth to learn the skills to become a carpenter, a baker, a mason, a mechanic, an electrician or a cook.  There is a large number of youth in the MindLeaps program who want to pursue vocational training.  For each student, it is our job to match her educational level and desires to create a successful, happy path.

Today, this was achieved with Aissatou and Kerfala.  Kerfala said, “I never dreamed that one day I would be going to this school!”

Our goal is to help children discover their joy and hope for their future.  We try to assure them that they indeed have a future in life.

When we see these children going to school, it inspires me to do this work.  It is extraordinary to see a child who has never laughed or played transform into a “regular child”.  When new children enter our program, you might not see any smiles for the first week.  But, after a little encouragement, it changes.  The children feel their skills and life improving day by day, and their smiles shine brighter and brighter.  MindLeaps is opening their eyes to their own talents and means to have a better life.