In January 2019, MindLeaps recruited twenty new out-of-school youth. When they joined the program, these kids had never danced before. “Our muscles hurt the first two weeks and we almost wanted to stop coming to the center. But as time went on, we fell in love with dance because it helped us become more flexible, it’s fun and helps us relax,” said Anipha and Janvier.

Despite the challenges faced at home, these twenty young people were very committed to regularly attending the MindLeaps program. Kelly told us that “Before dropping out, we had computers at school, but we weren’t allowed to touch them. MindLeaps not only lets me touch the computer, but has also given me a chance to learn basic IT skills like software, hardware and the Internet.”

For Teddy, the program was a way to develop social skills. “I found it difficult to connect with people because I was very shy, but MindLeaps helped me gain confidence. I can now approach people easily, and I’ve made many friends inside and outside MindLeaps.”

Talking about her past, Christine said, “I could not finish the school term because my mother couldn’t afford school fees. Now, MindLeaps has given me hope for success knowing that I will be sponsored to finish high school.”

It was a joy to see all twenty kids receive their progress reports at the end of the three-month program. They are all now back in school – a group of promising young people who will become the next generation’s leaders.

We are grateful to our supporters and the team for enabling us to impact the lives of vulnerable youth.